Panorama Photography How-To's

Video tutorials for Panoramic photography.

NEW - Level your tripod for panorama photography. VIEW

NEW - Hand Held Panorama photography video, this video have step by step instructions for shooting a 360 panorama with a handheld camera. View 7 minutes.
This video is based on the tecnique for virtual tripod, you may want to print and read this page before viewing the video.

NEW - Video introduction to the.FC-E9 Spherical travle bracket.
View 5 minutes 21 megabytes

NEW - How to shoot a spherical panorama with a Canon A60, using a simple multilevel bracket. This tutorial pretty much applies to any multi level bracket and any camera. View 10 minutes

Warning... leave a guy with a digital camera with Video feature and a Roxio editor. Terrible things might happen. this product contains moments of horific goofiness and why did he do this in the first place.


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