Canon Pro1 & Spherical Fisheyes

It is entirely possible to mount a fisheye lens on a Canon Pro1 camera, and the results are great, since the summer of 2005 I have been shooting commercial QTVR tours using my Pro1.

This is what you need:

RAYNOX 180pro or 185pro lens
NIKON FC-E9 lens

The Raynox 185 deliveres the widest FOV, around 177 degrees, the 180 have slightly less, but the 180 is able to deliver a fullframe image instead of a circular fisheye sphere when zoomed into slightly. Both lenses have a plastic body.
The two Raynox lenses is also both significantly longer than the Nikon lens.

NOTE: Because this lens requires additional shots it is not suited to use with our travle bracket. We do no longer manufacture the Raynox brackets.!

The Nikon FC-E9 is a solid lens with a metal barrel, delivering about 185 degrees of FOV when used on the Pro1, making it possible to shoot complete spheres with only 2 shots, I do recomend using 3 shots though.

There is no better lens in the catagory - if you want to photograph spherical images with a add-on lens, find a Nikon FC-E9 and buy it.


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Spherical Panorama brackets avialable for these popular lenses.

- SIGMA 8mm

- Nikon 10.5mm
- Nikon FC-E8
- Nikon FC-E9

- RAYNOX 180pro
- RAYNOX 185pro















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