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I started my working life as a cameraman, and have been following digital video with curriosity for a while, its amazing, todays cameras produce beautiful images, the kind one would have killed for in 1986, with pocket size devices of less than a few pounds. My main interest today is the solid-state HD cameras, I love the direct from camera to laptop process by inserting the card in a laptop and start editing. I have no particular interest in going back to tapes of any form or shape (can easily live without more 90min betacam pancake tapes.)


NEW - Panasonic SD1 / AG-HSC1U

2006 - Sanyo Xacti HD1 720P HD

Note - accessories for the Sanyo Xacti HD1 and HD2 is available on the same page, we make two styles of lens-hoods and also a tripod adaptor permitting the camera to be mounted to a tripod while connected to a power source.

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